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Multi Purpose Vinyl Tarps

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The Tarps Wholesaler offers 20 Mil Clear Vinyl PVC Tarps that are super clear visually. These covers have a fabric weight of 18 ounces per square yard, making them ideal for residential outdoor areas such as patios and porches as curtains or temporary walls. Clear tarps allow great viewing along with transmitting light. This high-quality PVC material is resistant to chemicals, grease, and mildew as well as being anti-microbial treated.


  • Heavy Duty 20 Mil Clear Vinyl Tarp (this is not a woven product)
  • Heavy duty Brass grommets approximately every 18" apart in web hem
  • 18 oz per sq. yd. 2" wide white polypropylene web hem
  • Heavy Duty 20 Mil Clear Vinyl, Marine Grade Quality
  • 100% Waterproof, Mildew, UV Ray, Tear, Abrasion, and Cold Resistant
  • Optically Super Clear
  • Full Finished Size Tarps
  • Strong clear welded seams
  • Great for enclosing anything that needs visibility in or out, and for Porch Enclosures
  • Made in USA

Please note: It is strongly suggested that clear vinyl tarps be completely dried before storing. Use our 30 MIL Clear Vinyl Tarp in areas with very cold winters for stronger cold crack performance.


With so many sizes available, you will always find the perfect one that will protect any of your given items.

Lead Time: 14 business days

Don’t start another project without our heavy-duty plastic sheeting. Effectively complete messy jobs and projects. Our sheeting helps you keep a clean work area while shielding your tools and equipment from damage.

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