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Heavy Duty Mesh Fire Retardant Safety Netting

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Heavy Duty Mesh Fire Retardant Safety Netting is your ultimate source of protection from debris that falls from the working deck, improve the safety of pedestrians, construction workers, and adjacent properties Our heavy duty, fire resistant, OSHA Complied Debris Defense Netting can wrap a building into a cocoon of safety. This is a highly popular quality fire-retardant tarp due to its ability to protect for static electricity in construction zones when handling or storing building material next to combustible equipment.

Product Features

  • Polyethylene threads with reinforced border
  • Stays flexible in cold weather
  • Fire retardant, high visibility fluorescent orange
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Meets NYC Local Law 61 and OSHA specifications
  • Affords vertical debris protection in windy areas
  • Uses: Sandblast curtains, Scaffold enclosures, Vision barrier, Wind protection and to Protect pedestrians
  • Knitted Polyethylene threads (3.5 oz. per square yard)
  • Hole openings approximately 1/4-inch by 1/4-inch
  • Advanced reinforced buttonhole design assures easy installation and optimum performance.

Construction mesh netting covers are also widely used for multiple other applications. In addition to building sites they can be found in farms or warehouses as safety fences or temporary enclosures.

Colors: Black, Orange, and White

Sizes: Ranging from 4’x150’ to 8’6”x150’

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