Multipurpose Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

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Heavy Duty Poly Tarps Container
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Our tarps are Made with the highest quality polyethylene, a form of plastic that is an extremely strong and heavy-duty. Heavy Duty Poly Tarps will be a much-needed addition to your home or business for all sorts of safety and general protection necessities. With The Tarps Wholesaler's tarps, you will rest easy knowing your equipment and belongings are safeguarded from severe weather and other hazards that can damage your precious items.







  • HEAVY DUTY OUTDOOR TARP: This 10mil thick tarp is sure to endure the test of time. Made from premium polyethylene material for durability and strength.
  • TOP NOTCH PROTECTION: Keep your equipment and stuff safe in severe weather. These weatherproof and waterproof covers keep rain, snow or wind at bay.
  • SUN AND WATER PROTECTION: With UV blocking, these drop cloths protect your belongs from sun damage. They also protect from moisture, dust and more.
  • GROMMETS FOR EASY TIE DOWN: About every 18” of the edges are reinforced grommets for you to tie down the tarp to secure it almost anything.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE: These reversible black and silver tarpaulins come in 15 sizes, from 8 by 10 foot sheet, to a large cover as big as 100 feet square.FINISHED SIZE: Xpose Safety Premium Tarps Run True to Size.

Our multiple-use heavy-duty tarpaulin is widely used by contractors, campers, farmers, landscapers, painters, etc. They are easy to handle and constructed for use in all seasons.

Inclement weather already ruins enough of your day, don’t let it ruin your precious items! With our Poly Tarps, you are keeping your belongings in the utmost care and protection from any severe damage heavy precipitation may cause.


FINISHED SIZE: The Tarps Wholesalers Premium Tarps Run True to Size.

With so many sizes available, you will always find the perfect one to protect any of your given items. Great for home, construction, camping, fishing, sporting events, you name it! Get your tarps today by The Tarps Wholesaler and find out what it means to keep your possessions protected.





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