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8' x 12' Heavy Duty 30 Mil Clear PVC Vinyl Tarp

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The Tarps Wholesaler offers 30 Mil Clear Vinyl PVC Tarps that are super clear visually. At the same time they resist severe weather, UV rays, abrasion, and mildew. These covers have a fabric weight of 27 ounces per square yard making them ideal for residential outdoor areas such as patios and porches as curtains or temporary walls. Clear tarps allow great viewing along with transmitting light. This high quality PVC material is resistant to chemicals, grease, and mildew as well as being anti-microbial treated. Our Clear Vinyl Tarps are manufactured with brass grommets that are spaced every 18” around the perimeter. These 30 mil clear vinyl tarps are manufactured as Full, Finished Size Tarps. They consist of double needle stitched hems that are strengthened with 2" wide, white polypropylene webbing. Each tarp contains flat clear welded seams. 30 Mil Clear Vinyl Tarps are anti cold crack resistant to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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