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When securing a tarp, you want the tarp to offer its protection and not collapse due to a feeble rope. Large tarps require a quality rope to keep it tightly bound even in high winds.

Our tarp ropes manufactured with quality polypropylene offers optimal strength for most rope requirements. The poly ropes are also classified as safety ropes and can be used as safety ropes for roofers and other construction applications. They are also water-resistant ropes that can be used in conjunction with rescue tubes.

 Overcome workplace hazards and job site challenges with the reliable safety & security of Xpose Safety products!











  • 1/2" TWISTED POLYPROPYLENE ROPE - 4,200LB BREAK STRENGTH: Choose the ultimate in strength and versatility with the Xpose Safety poly pro rope. This yellow multi-purpose rope is available in a 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" thickness and variable length options to meet all home, commercial and industrial project needs.
  • STRONG SYNTHETIC FIBER WEAVE: Rope fibers are engineered from durable composite polypropylene for maximum environmental resistance. The fibers are twisted in a tightly coiled 3 strand pattern that improves balance, reduces stretch and increases overall tensile strength.
  • RESISTANT TO OIL & MORE: Yellow 3 strand polypropylene cord is high strength, lightweight, floats in water and can be stored wet without damage to the fibers. Marine growth, acids, oil, grease and most chemicals.
  • REDUCED SLIP & LOW STRETCH: Yellow twisted poly rope offers improved drag and reduced slippage compared to other polypropylene fiber ropes. It's extra flexible with low stretch capacity and superior knot retention. UV resistant dye ensures rope remains vivid and visible without fading.
  • IDEAL FOR WET ENVIRONMENTS: Polypropylene has a specific gravity of 0.91 meaning it floats in water and provides the perfect rope solution for swimming pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, boats, docks and other wet environments and maritime applications. Click 'Add to Cart' NOW and SAVE!


Polypropylene is a synthetic material that makes this rope naturally resistant to damage from moisture, sunlight/UV degradation, chemical solvents and acids as well as giving it buoyancy in water.

Enjoy all the benefits of high tensile strength, light weight and minimal stretch quality – at a fraction of the cost of other synthetic ropes made from polyester and nylon.


Polypropylene also has a higher melting point than many common polymers, increasing its resistance to heat and friction. It does not fray or splinter, making it easier to use and prolonging the life of the rope even when frequently knotted and untied







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