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The tarps Wholesaler’s poly sheeting has a wide range of uses. Our poly sheeting is often used in construction as a barrier for dust during demolition. It helps prevent soil erosion, protects equipment and acts as a cover for machinery. It is commonly used for asbestos abatement to enclose and seal areas when removing asbestos. Poly sheeting comes in handy during home improvement projects when you need to protect flooring from paint and finish. It can be used to seal and cover windows for insulation and to protect furniture and other items in your attic. It functions as a tarp for camping trips and other outdoor activities. It’s the perfect cover for greenhouse and to protect boats, a leaky roof, truck flatbeds, and so much more!








  • PROTECTIVE BARRIER: This is the ideal cover for heavy equipment and machinery; it acts as a protective barrier from dust, vapor, moisture, paint and more.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Made in the USA from industrial grade polyethylene with a 4 mil thickness for extra durability, the tarp meets all building code specs.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Perfect for commercial use at construction sites or for agricultural use to prevent soil erosion.
  • MULTI-USE: Aside from industrial uses, it can serve as a tarp at home and can cover boats or be used for camping, DIY projects, storm windows and more.
  • WATER & WEATHER RESISTANT: Use it for indoor or outdoor projects with no problem. No matter the weather this drop cloth withstands storms and snow.


Inclement weather already ruins enough of your day, don't let it ruin your precious items! With our Poly Blue Tarps, you are keeping your belongings in the utmost care and protection from any severe damage heavy precipitation may cause. Each tarp is 5mil thick of sheer quality polyethylene material with heavily reinforced seams so no harmful substance can penetrate them. They are also built with sturdy, rust-resistant, aluminum grommets on each corner and 3 feet apart so you can tie them down with rope for even more security against heavy winds!

SIZES: Available in sizes ranging form 10x100 to 40x100

THICKNESS: 3Mil, 4Mil, 4.5Mil, 6Mil, and 10, Mil.

Most sizes available in clear and black.

 Don’t start another project without our heavy-duty plastic sheeting. Effectively complete messy jobs and projects. Our sheeting helps you keep a clean work area while shielding your tools and equipment from damage.







Don't Let Severe Weather Take you By Surprise

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